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Peek into client happiness

Sandrine Carpentier

President at Deschamps Mats Systems Inc

Julie Sourceau has been providing professional accounting and financial services to Deschamps Mats Systems Inc. since 2018, and her expertise, attention to detail, and dedication have made a significant impact on our financial and operations success.

Our working relationship goes back to 2008, when she was consulting for Solstiss Inc. which I was managing until 2017.  

Julie has demonstrated a high level of competence in areas such as financial analysis, tax planning and preparation. She possess an in-depth understanding of accounting principles and regulations, ensuring that our financial operations are compliant and optimized for success.

What sets Julie Sourceau apart is her commitment to personalized service. She takes the time to understand our unique needs and goals, providing tailored advice and solutions that align with our business objectives. Her proactive approach has been instrumental in helping us make informed decisions.

In addition to her technical skills, Julie is easy to communicate with. She explains complex concepts in clear, understandable terms and are always available to answer our questions and provide support when needed.

I confidently recommend Julie Sourceau to anyone seeking top-notch finance services. Her professionalism, integrity, and work ethic make her a valuable asset to any organization or individual in need of reliable accounting and financial guidance.

Laurent Hermouet

Partner at Athyrium Capital Management

Over a 2 year-long workstream, Julie Sourceau demonstrated not only strong accounting and finance skills but also good business acumen in dealing with various stakeholders of our US subsidiary including doctors, clinical sites and hospitals. This project was at times challenging, but Julie never lost focus. Working almost 100% remote, Julie successfully completed our corporate goals with minimal support from our European HQ.

Sébastien Guinchard

Country Manager at Jacadi USA

I had the pleasure of getting Julie’s support and expertise for about a year while I was Country Manager at Jacadi USA. Julie mainly helped us on various tax topics, specific accounting projects and payroll. She was definitely the perfect fit for the mission as she is both very knowledgeable on US accounting and Tax rules and regulations; and also understands the culture and codes of European business organizations. 
On top of being very professional and reliable, Julie is very approachable and human, we quickly had the impression that she was part of the family! 
A++ recommendation

Julie Gosal Hoarau

SVP Finance - CPA at Aaptiv

We used Julie's services for a very technical revenue recognition schedule when we expended internationally at Aaptiv. We used her services for more than a year until we automated this process. We were very worried initially about outsourcing this critical revenue task. Julie made the transition seamless for us. She picked up the task, rolled up her sleeve and got to work. With her advanced excel skills she also proposed some process improvements which made our revenue cycle close faster. She is really detailed oriented and reliable. 
The initial on-boarding, training and work all happened remotely and that was never an issue as Julie is a great communicator and she always informed us and kept us appraise of progress.
I highly recommend Julie and would definitely use her service again should the need arise.

Grégoire de Lassus

Global CFO at SABON

(Group Rocher)

Julie has been an exceptional professional to us in a very though transition period. She took on the job immediately and managed to learn everything on the fly, without proper training. Not only did she completely take over the daily finance tasks, but she also managed to clean up the past and improve our processes. Julie’s tenure has made a complete difference in our Finance department! Not to mention her very positive mindset, tireless commitment and strong business ethics. I highly recommend her!

Pauline (Evon) Lacourarie

Director of Operational Quality at Biom'Up

I enjoyed working with Julie (Biom'Up company) especially on the management of a 3PL (Third Party Logistic in US). Her support has been crucial in improving the quality of the 3PL site, by managing the stocks and distribution of medical devices. She was very involved in solving quality issues (site visit). She uses a pragmatic approach and she is very a very valued colleague!

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